Vegetable powder red hot pepper

no preservatives

no sweeteners

no artifical colours

no added SO2

no added sugar


ingredients: Vegetable powder red hot pepper

allergens: no allergens


Powder red pepper fever:


-To dust

-Big pepper is ground


Storage: Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, preferably in a closed envelope / box. Keep protected from moisture !!!


Packages: 150g

Dried peppers are an integral part of true Bulgarian cuisine. There is no Bulgarian hostess who does not know at least a few recipes with dried peppers, which will satisfy even the most refined taste of any good gourmet.

  Their application in all national cuisines is rich and varied. In our kitchen hot peppers are a widely used spicy addition to many dishes - soups, salads, bean dishes, cabbage, dairy products, meat.
Hot peppers help with:



Hot peppers contain carbohydrates, proteins, essential oil, alkaloids, high amounts of vitamin C, provitamin A, organic acids, mineral salts and more.


In medicine, hot peppers are mainly applied externally in the form of patches and ointments for rheumatism, discopathy, sciatica.


Taken in small amounts, they have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the appetite and tone the body.