Dried sweet peppers


no preservatives

no sweeteners

no artifical colours

no added SO2

no added sugar


ingredients: dried sweet peppers without seeds

allergens: no allergens

We use Sweet Red Bell Peppers. The peppers are washed, cleaned of stems and seeds, and closely examined on our inspection belts to remove unsuitable or harmed peppers. Then the peppers are dried until they become with red to dark red color. In the process of drying only the water is removed, leaving the stores of nutritional substances, flavor quality, and aroma of the peppers completely intact. Our company produces completely NATURAL dried peppers without any additional processing or preservatives!


Assortment-Sweet peppers:

-Dried, with seeds

-Dried, without seeds

-In powder


Storage : Keep in a cool and dry place preferably in an airtught container/bag.

Parcelling: 100g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg

Dried peppers are an essential part of authentic Bulgarian cuisine. There is not any Bulgarian housemaker, who does not know at least a few recipes using dried peppers, pleasing even the most discriminating palates. With the preparation of whatever recipe you use with dried peppers from Serena Ltd., you will experience unforgettable flavor, aroma and culinary pleasure!

Average nutritional values per 100g


1160 KJ/276 kcal


0,35 g

-of which saturated fat

0,04 g


47,75 g

-of which sugars

29,50 g


22,10 g


9,30 g


 0,34 g

Sweet peppers helps:


   Our peppers also have medicinal value, thanks to their high content of Vitamin C. They help to prevent severe illnesses and complications in people of underdeveloped countries
  In warmer countries where foods are difficult to preserve, especially meats, peppers with their bactericidal properties are especially useful: They block the development of bacteria in food products even without boiling.
  Even since the 17th century, doctors have prescribed peppers in the powder form for patients suffering from sciatica, as well as to those with problems with digestion and elimination of gas from the body
  Contemporary doctors have upheld the prescriptions of their predecessors as they have proven that peppers stimulate secretion of fluids in the stomach, are conducive to the elimination of gas from the intestines, and act as a powerful vasodilator for the blood circulatory system.