Our company for producing of dried fruits and vegetables Serena Ltd is already for a couple of years in this branch. Our products are with high quality, offering you a real alternative to sugar.

Our products are produced from 100% natural fruits and vegetables and sweetened entirely by the nature. They are WITHOUT added sugar, preservatives, dyes or any other additives. We don’t use GMO varieties.

Our factory is located in the area of town Kyustendil known as a green city. It is also one of the oldest spa towns in Bulgaria. Situated in the south-west of the country and is known also as the "Orchard of Bulgaria".

 Our factory has 3 tunnel drying. The drying process is indirect – the products are dried by hot air which is heated by wood burning ovens. Our products are dried without any preservatives and additives – we only remove part of the water!


We produce dried gold and black cherries (with or without pits); prunes (with or without pits); Dried chokeberry; Dried cherries; Dried apples and pears; Dried sweet and hot peppers; dried tomatoes; dried rosehips, and organig products- prunes, cherries and chokeberry and others.