Dried apricot

no preservatives

no sweeteners

no artifical colours

no added SO2

no added sugar


ingredients: dried apricot

allergens: no allergens

Assortment- Apricot

-Dried apricot


-In powder


Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place preferably in an airtught container/bag

Parcelling: 100g

Packaged snacks, trail mixes, chocolate or yogurt panning, energy bars, muffins, breads, ready-to-eat cereals, muesli, salads, sauces , etc.

Apricots are a very tasty and healthy fruit and are used for many beauty treatments. They affect health very well because they contain many vitamins like A, C, E. They contain beta carotene, which in turn becomes Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps for healthy skin, the immune system, gums and hair. Apricot contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Potassium has a very good effect on the heart and also helps with swelling. The iron contained in apricots helps with blood vessels and anemia. They are especially suitable for pregnant women and children because they contain iron.

 Dried apricots contain a lot of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the intestinal tract.

Dried apricots also contain many minerals. Contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium. Dried apricots have a very good effect on bones.

Dried apricots are very useful for people who have heart problems and maintain normal blood pressure. Dried apricots contain a lot of vitamin C. They also fight bad cholesterol. They have a good effect on the kidneys as well as prevent heart attacks. They affect the circulation very well.

Apricots have a very good effect on our digestion and are known to be like a fiber bomb.

Apricots help a lot of people who work with intellectual students, students, because they have a very good effect on the brain and memory.

In children, apricots have a very beneficial effect because the carotene they contain has a very good effect on their growth. Apricots are also good to take if a person has a problem with the skin, eyes.